Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day 33: 59 miles, Jun 20

Kristen and Michael seem not to have suffered last night. I am unable to fathom it, but they actually adhered to their regular schedule of beginning the day's ride at about 6:45 am. No, I am not kidding. I don't know how they do it. I think the only thing I have ever done at 6:45 is catch a plane. Anyway, I didn't get up until 8 and piddled around town until about 2:30, not wanting to go too far today (ended the day in Jeffrey City). I knew I could get away with this because the winds were at least 30 mph and at my back. I pedaled the last 19 miles in 51 minutes!!! The time in town me some time to do a maintenance check on the bike and patch some old tubes, which I haven't needed since replacing the tires in West Yellowstone, thank God! I also had Mexican before I left (why DO I love Mexican food so much?). This picture is of the barren non-Yellowstone Wyoming landscape. I guess I had always imagined WY as green and mountainous. Actually, it's nearly a desert. In fact, I saw cacti near the road.


Blogger caro.d said...

Several years ago, you INSISTED on taking Adam and I to this hole in the wall Mexican joint in Chattanooga. I just remember thinking "I've never heard someone so enthusiastic over Mexican food, Oliver is a pretty cultured fellow, this is going to be an excellent dining experience!" If I remember correctly it was in an abandoned neighborhood, at least very industrial. It was very dark inside and I remember we were the only folks in there. I honestly can't remember the food, other than the salsa was pretty good. LOL!

10:32 AM  
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