Saturday, June 10, 2006

View back to White Bird, ID

The good folks at the White Bird Cafe, Joaquin and Nicole, insisted that this view would be the most beautiful of the entire trip. It certainly was the longest climb of the trip so far -- made different by the fact that there are no trees to block your view. You can always see how much farther, how many more switchbacks, and how steep it is out here in Idaho! Joaquin and Nicole and I talked about logging and singing technique while I finished my chocolate shake. Joaquin is a local band leader of some fame, and has a powerful baritone voice. He got into logging instead of music for his career, however. It was very good to hear about environmental issues from a logger's point of view. Contrary to what many Eastern city dwellers believe, the logging industry does, by and large, take care of the resource. It is, after all, their livelihood!


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