Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day 34: 69 miles, Jun 21

Happy summer solstice! More dry riding today, and, just like yesterday, the formidable Wyoming wind was in my favor. The photo is of Split Rock, a landmark for those who travelled west on the Oregon Trail years ago. This was also part of the Pony Express route! From the reading I've done, it sounds like the Pony Express was as fast as I am. :-) I ended the ride in Rawlins and hoped to find Kristen and Michael here, but I suppose they continued farther on. Sorry I couldn't keep up, you two! Best of luck to you -- I enjoyed your company very much.


Blogger Tiffany Blake said...

Oliver! I am so enjoying reading about all your adventures! I envy you your friendliness and ability to meet people wherever you go. What a wonderful time for you! Stay healthy and safe!!!

10:51 AM  
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