Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another rant

I can take it no longer! Why, oh why, is the poor defenseless apostophe so maligned and abused?!!!

I know that the English language is difficult with all it's irregularity's, but folk's, the pattern for forming plural's is just about as reglar as it get's:

Add an S to make a plural.

OK, OK. Sometimes its "es," but never an apostrofee!

Serusly, Ive seen sign's scrawled on cardbored in the grocery stor sellin: "Tomato's, banana's, apple's, and onions." My queshtion is, why does "tomatos" need one and not "onions"?

Look's like them Helper's 'r' needin' helpin'.


Blogger Weisz said...

An idiot I used to work for had a dog named Kasey and an old red truck. On the side of the truck he painted "Kasey's Truck, Dog's Love Trucks."

10:24 PM  

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