Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 60: 70 miles, Jul 17

Another easy ride, at least inasmuch at the terrain was concerned. After hearing for weeks about the hospitality of the Baptist preacher in Sebree, KY I met him today. I was rolling through town when a van pulled alongside me and out jumped the man. He asked if I was planning to stay the night in town (he puts cyclists up in the church), but I explained I needed to go on to Utica. It seemed to disappoint him a little -- the people here are quite set on sharing their hospitality! Too bad I couldn't have timed my arrival differently.

The accomodations in Utica, however, were quite amenable. They keep the volunteer fire station open, so I just went right in and, lo and behold, there was air-conditioning! It has been so hot the previous two nights I didn't fall to sleep until midnight. Not so in Utica, thank goodness! Thanks VFD Utica!


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