Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 76: 44 miles, Aug 2

An even better day – the terrain gets ever more beautiful! It was tree tunnels and corn fields for most of the ride today, except for the portion along the banks of the beautiful Lake Anna. It was another early start, too (around 5:30).

We arrived in Ashland for lunch and made full use of the tourist info center in the old train depot to locate a cheap room for the night. Lunch was a slow affair (to relish the air conditioning) at a coffee shop, and then we finally got to the motel. It had a pool, and I must say I enjoyed it. Most cyclists I’ve met seem to seek out pools as often as they can, but for some reason I’ve never been much of a fan (maybe it’s my lily-white complexion). I watched my first Groucho Marx movie that night in the room – I’m hooked!

In the photo I’m hanging on a TransAm sign – now ubiquitous along the route.


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