Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day 35: 47 miles, Jun 22

Today was a good day. Before I left the motel, I adjusted my saddle a tad. Voila! No more butt pain! I camped at Saratoga Lake and was dismayed to discover there was no water there. Well, OK, there was a lake, but nothing potable. So, I asked a group of picnickers for some, and they obliged. Actually, they gave me water, beer, elk steak, and two slices of carrot cake. They were professors at the University of Wyoming and nurses and were there to celebrate a birthday. Once they discovered I was a singer, well, it was pretty much decided that I was going to sing for them, and I caved in with a rendition of "Come Paride vezzoso." Good times. Later on, one of the ladies in the group, Charlotte, took over as my surrogate mother and actually called my mom right there! "I bet your mother worries about you. What's her number? Hello, Ann? This is Charlotte. I'm with your son." Of course, the first thing that went through Mom's head was probably, "He dismembered by the side of the road." Well, we had a good chat, and I went to bed with a full stomach!


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