Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 44: 80 miles, Jul 1

After yesterday's heat, I vowed to follow in Michael and Kristen's footsteps and begin riding at sunrise. Voila! I did 60 miles by noon! The remaining 20 I did later in the day to get to Leoti, KS.

I forgot to mention that I met Albert from Holland yesterday. A friendly guy and an experienced cyclist (all Dutch are!), he rides with no helmet and a LOT of gear. He even carries his special rock with him to pound tent stakes!

There was no "Welcome to Kansas" sign, so I'm including this picture of a typical road sign in the breadbasket of the country. You see, the county roads are spaced in one-mile blocks out here, so this sign is saying, "Go one mile north and then turn one mile west to get to Whithan Farms."

Seriously, the map for this area looks like plaid.


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