Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 39: 63 miles, Jun 26

A wonderful day! I went over Hoosier Pass, the highest point of the TransAm Trail and rode (downhill!) to the Currant Creek Hostel. There, to my great delight, was the Adventure Cycling TransAm tour. I had been anticipating seeing them for a while since I knew they had departed May 7 and were westbound, but it was a stroke of luck that I ended up camping in the same location. I got to talk to all 12 of them at length about the route ahead and especially enjoyed picking the brain of their leader, Alvin. He's from Baton Rouge and exudes that confident friendliness that is the mark of a great tour leader. I could tell the group liked and trusted him. After asking him about 3000 questions, I finally retired to my tent, but I was so excited about the day I don't think I fell asleep until 2 am. This pic is of Lincoln Avenue and the slopes in Breckenridge.


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Blogger alvin said...

hello ollie,
it was a pleasure visiting with you at currant creek pass. glad to see you finished your trip, we finished ours too. and thanks for the kind words.
Alvin--ACA transam leader

10:04 PM  

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