Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 40: 82 miles, Jun 27

Another fantastic day. I spent the majority of it descending from Currant Creek (about 9000 feet) to my destination in Pueblo (4500 feet).

I also met perhaps the most remarkable person on the trip so far: Gracie Sorbello. She is a recent graduate from Duke, I believe, in piano and is currently attempting to be the first woman to cross the country on a unicycle. Yes. That's correct, a UNICYCLE! I'll never brag about my abilities again. Ever. :-) If she makes it (I'm sure she will), I will be able to say I've met someone in the Guiness Book of World Records! Go Gracie, go! Check out her blog and cause at

At the end of the day I went off route onto a bicycle path from the Pueblo reservoir into downtown Pueblo. Pueblo's the largest city on the route at about 100,000, and is a joy to ride around in. I still love urban riding ever since my messenger days in Manhattan. This city has a wonderful historic area with lots of cool shops and restaurants. The picture is of the bike path into town.


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