Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 51: 72 miles, Jul 8

A lovely day today. I spent much of it in Pittsburg, Kansas, where dwell many friends of mine who are all, unfortunately, out of town in Wooster, Ohio. Well, it's good for them, but too bad for me that I didn't get to see them! Pittsburg is a fine small city, a bastion of civilization in an otherwise rural area. I say that because for the past week in Kansas I have been traveling through field after field. The towns are often nothing more than a collection of buildings around a grain elevator...

I ended the day in Golden City, Missouri and went to the famous Cooky's Cafe. OK. It's famous among us TransAmers. They have a menu of about 30 homemade pies. I had two slices: lemon cream and apricot.


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