Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 45: 99 miles, Jul 2

Another early start, this time with a slight tailwind (10 mph), so I was nearly able to do my first 100-mile-day, or century! It is so hot at night, I sleep with next to nothing on -- I think it didn't go below 75 degrees last night. My destination today was the rest stop in Alexander, KS. A very nice facility run by the state with air-conditioned bathrooms! Incidentally the bathrooms were spacious and had a good acoustic -- I sang for a while.

One of the things I've gotten into the habit of doing is calling the sheriff when I camp in a municipal park alone. Just to let them know I'm there. Well, the folks in this county are so friendly, and the sheriff himself came out to greet me!

The photo is of sunset from the campsite.


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