Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 54: 89 miles, Jul 11

It was very nice to have good company today. Dave and I actually rode together, which is usually a difficult thing to do. Most people's paces are just a little different. I certainly needed the moral support and distraction of conversation to propel me through yet another day of torrential rain. Luckily, he and I always seemed to find shelter right as another storm band passed overhead.

Nevertheless, we were both dead set on sharing a room in Ellington that night and try to dry out.

Here's Dave in front of the Ozark Mountains (are they really mountains if they're just 1500 feet high?).

CAT UPDATE: I called Wanda today at the diner to check in. I figured the first night would be the toughest, and that if the little one lived through it it was a good sign. I'm happy to report that is that case. Wanda remarked that the cat, probably no more than a week old, looks quite different when dry. Very fluffy! She said she could email me a picture, which I'll post as soon as I can.


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