Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day 66: 65 miles, Jul 23

Very fun day. I leapfrogged with various members of the group all day. It's fun to run into people you know. The route passed a Wal-Mart, and I broke a 4-year boycott on the behemoth and purchased some sweatbands for my wrists (slippery handlebars!) and, yes, a BB gun. I can't let Mike and Devin have all the fun!

OK. I'm 30, but there is still a boy inside of me. For goodness' sake, I'm riding a bicycle to begin with!

Today's destination was a B&B in Hindman where the operator has many-toed cats. You know, the Hemmingway kind? One of them had so many toes it looked like a Clydesdale version of the feline.

After the last post, I want to assure everyone that I no longer correct strangers' grammar. Yes, I confess I actually used to do that. I suppose I occasionally cannot resist "improving" the writing and speech of my loved ones, but most of the time I bite my tongue unless someone asks. It does make for poor conversation, after all.

In fact, I think I have a decent sense of humor about the issue. Take this sign, for example. What a funny sign it would be if you just removed that superfluous apostrophe from the previous mural and added it to a certain place here?


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