Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just east of Pittsburg, KS

This goes out to the Ohio Light Opera crowd, specifically those who I imagine are now engaging in various bovine-related shenanigans. It all began four years ago when Sandi Ross, Jackie Lengfelder, and I put a 60 pound concrete cow on the front porch of our director, Steven Daigle. He soon retaliated by secreting various small cow objects in strategic places on the stage. I'd find, for example, a small cow face staring at me from a prop tree during a chorus number.

Certainly I've seen enough cows on this trip to last me a lifetime. However, even though I'm now more than halfway across the country, I still cannot resist the urge to moo at them as I pass. No, they don't speak back to me. They just stare back with that strange, vacant, but somehow knowing cow-expression. What ARE they thinking?


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